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Toasty was founded with a simple objective: craft delicious snack dips that nourish you.
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Our Values in a Nutshell:
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vegan +
dairy free
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gluten +
soy free
nothing artificial.
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Meet our founder

I'm Audrey, the gal behind TOASTY. Inspired by my big sister, I became a passionate vegetarian in 8th grade. As I grew up and learned more about nutrition, I realized the majority of my favorite foods were highly processed and devoid of any nutritional value. Like many, my vegetarian diet didn't really contain many vegetables at all. 

Throughout my 20's, I fell into a cyclical pattern — I ate clean the majority of the week, and then would over indulge in all my favorite unhealthy foods on the weekends. I even had a stash of peanut butter cups in a secret hiding place in my apartment.

I became exceedingly frustrated by the power these processed foods had over me. At 28, I set out to create a snack-able + shareable food that I could reach for when I wanted to indulge, but still met my standards of clean eating. I'm beyond excited to share these dips with the world.

I hope you enjoy sharing TOASTY with friends + family as much as I do!

Out of this world taste. down to earth ingredients. Out of this world taste. down to earth ingredients.
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